Sofonisba Anguissola: November 1625 Death of a Legend


On November 16, 1625, the legendary artist Sofonisba Anguissola passed away at her home in Palermo, Sicily in the presence of her husband Orazio Lomellini.

Only two months prior, on September 2, 1625, Sofonisba paid off the final third payment to her crooked lawyer Fabrizio Bargagli, whose blatant conflicts of interest resulted in Sofonisba owing him payments until practically the day she died.

Then many of her art works were attributed to men.

History was not kind to Sofonisba’s legacy. She deserves to have her name restored.

The Tudor Vendetta

tudor-vendettaGortner, C.W. The Tudor Vendetta. New York: St. Martin’s Griffin, 2014

The Tudor Vendetta is an accessible and engaging historical fiction of Queen Elizabeth I’s secret mission to safeguard her illegitimate child, tucked away in the custody of erstwhile supporters, who betray their charge. Queen Elizabeth turns to the protagonist Brendan, himself a hidden Tudor bastard and a potential threat to the crown. When the Queen enlists Brendan’s support, he’s never certain whether she needs him or seeks to trap him. As the truth about the Queen’s secret child is revealed, only Brendan’s bravery can save the boy. In the process, Brendan proves his valor and wins back the heart of his true love.

Tudor Vendetta is a fresh narrative on the reign of Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen. Gortner seamlessly folds the drama of a sexual Elizabeth into the story of her coronation, making a good read, both believable and enjoyable.

Donna DiGiuseppe, 2015